Embroidering knitting – single feather stitch

Single feather stitch step1In this Masterclass series with Emma King we look at five different embroidery stitches that can be added to knitted fabrics.

Last week we covered buttonholestitch. This week we’ll look at single feather stitch. Other embroidery stitches covered in this series are stem stitch, bullion knots and lazy daisies, as well as the basics of getting started with embroidering knitting.

Single feather stitch

Single feather stitch is similar to buttonhole stitch, the main difference being that the stitch is slightly slanted, which is achieved by working with the needle at an angle. Unlike buttonhole stitch, single feather stitch is worked  from right to left.

Choose a hole (between two knitted stitches) and bring your needle through the fabric from the back to the front. Like buttonhole stitch, the formation of single feather stitch requires a bottom line and a top line – the hole you’ve chosen will set the position of the top line.

Insert the needle into a hole on the bottom line slightly to the right of the original hole (from the front) and back out again on the top line just to the left of the original hole, ensuring that you catch the working yarn under the tip of the needle.

Single feather stitch step2 The second swatch shows the stitch worked on a vertical. Use the width of the knitted stitches and the height of the rows to control the steepness of your slants.

Next week we’ll look at stem stitch.






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