Errata in The Knitter issue 57

Little Vine Matinee Jacket (from Issue 57 supplement)



Changes for the large size only:

Cast on 67 (81:89:101) sts

"First 3 sizes only" (after Row 10) should say "All sizes"

Row 11: * K1 (0:1:0), K5, skpo, K3; rep from
* to last st, K1.  61 (73:81:91) sts

Ignore instruction "4th size only"

Row 12 should read P11 (11:13:10), p2tog 7 [10:11:14] times, p 11 (11:11:15), p2tog 7 (10:11:14) times, p 11(11:13:10). 47 (53:59:63) sts.


Cast on 34 (41:45:51) sts
Sizes 1, 3 & 4 after Row 11 stitch count should be 31 (-:41:46) sts.
+++ Should be after Row 11, not row 12
Row 12: P4 (5:5:7), p2tog 8 (10:12:15) times, p11 (11:12:9).

23 (26:29:31) sts.

Work as given for left front, ending after +++
All sizes
Row 12: P11 (11:12:9), p2tog 8 (10:12:15) times, p4 (5:5:7) . 23 (26:29:31) sts. (shaping reversed)
Shape armhole (Cont to foll pattern as normal from here.)


If you would prefer to see these corrections on a PDF of the page, please get in touch at and we'll email it to you.


Rue de Rivoli


The repeat in the Pocket Flap chart was left off the final version of the chart, and should encompass all rows from stitch 4 to stitch 9 on the chart.  

Also, the direction of the decreases on row 5 of that chart should be the opposite of what is shown.


The chart for the lace and bead pattern (back) should have a purl row between rows marked as 5 and 6.  The pattern should be made up of 8 rows, not 7 as shown.    Also the stitch markers on row 5 will need to be removed when making the decreases.


One of the symbols for the Right Lace Column and the Lace and Bead Pattern - Right Front and Sleeve was missed off the key.  This is the symbol that looks like a reversed Sl1, K2tog, psso, and should be worked as a K3tog.


Pixie by Kaffe Fassett


The sleeves should be worked in 3.25mm needles, not 3.75mm as printed.