Errata in The Knitter issue 59



Venetian Windows


On rows 3,  21, 23 and 25 of Chart A, and Row 3 on Chart B, there are too many decreases for the number of yarn overs.  You can download the amended chart above.


There were also some typographical errors in the chart symbol abbreviations printed in the magazine.

For T5F, it should say place next 3 sts on cn.

For T3L it should say P2 from left needle.



Fields of Gold Stole


After Round 54, there should be another 10 rounds of knit before working Round 55.


Flickering Flower


The stitch counts on the neckband are out, but the instructions are correct.  The stitch counts should read:

At end of pick up row: 162 (182:186:206)
At end of Row 2: 158 (178:182:202)
At end of Row 4: 154 (174:178:198)