Guest blog post – Blacker Yarns heads stateside!

Sue Blacker of Blacker Yarns explains how the Devon-based yarn company is conquering the US!

Recently we’ve been doing some promotional work in the USA. We have been selling increasing amounts of yarn to the US market.

Sue Blacker with sheep

Remarkably, north America constitutes half of our non-UK sales, despite the dreadful postage costs (though non-EU people do benefit from not having to pay VAT).

Blacker Yarns sheep shearingSo this year we have explored the market in more depth with visits to the wonderful Maryland Sheep and Wool Show in May and the busy and inspiring TNNA summer show in Ohio in June.

Both of these yielded excellent research, and we had a lovely time meeting old friends and making new ones.

We are now working on developing a marketing strategy to sell direct into the USA.

We've also found several people interested in us making ‘own brand’  yarns for them, which is exciting!

We are also busy revamping our websites and promoting Pure Wool, our brand new knitting book. Find out more here.