Guest blog post – Busy times at the mill for Blacker Yarns

Sue Blacker of Blacker Yarns and the Natural Fibre Co talks us through their yarn mill’s most hectic season for wool!

Natural Fibre Co Mill

This is the busiest time of year in the Natural Fibre Co mill, with the results of shearing coming in every day. The rush is interesting – although we receive plenty of fleeces straight after shearing, some people wait and think a bit so the flow continues steadily through the autumn and into the early days of the new year.

Natural Fibre co Mill workThis is partly because people are also busy but then realise they need the space to bring in feed for the autumn or lambs in the new year, so the yarn orders come along in a fairly regular pattern.

This year, due to the wet weather, they started a bit later than usual so we have also been doing work for trade and textile industry customers through the late spring, as well as making plenty of delicious Blacker Yarns ready for knitters to buy! 

Wool really is ideal to knit with, and wear, all through the year, as wool wicks away your sweat in hot weather! It’s the perfect all-weather material.

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