Juliet’s blog – A pop-culture knitting pattern!

Juliet Bernard of The Knitter revels in a pattern she found via Ravelry, the oh-so colourful POP blanket by Emily Wessel.

Every now and again a pattern comes along that just captures your imagination and sweeps through Ravelry. It seems as though everyone is knitting it, loving it or queuing it. POP by Emily Wessel, also known as Tin Can Knits, is definitely one of those.

Pop by Emily Wessel

With one friend’s granddaughter already arrived and another two babies on the way, this design is an absolute godsend.

With tight budgets all around a design like this is a great way of stash busting. What’s more it speaks to my love of geometry.

The idea of squaring a circle is just too wonderful for words – a geek’s paradise. I tried the first square in Noro Kureyon, as you can see above, but I have decided now to knit the middles in Kureyon sock and the outer square in British Sheep Breed DK from Rowan.

I have knitted a couple that look good but haven’t blocked them yet - keep an eye on my Ravelry projects and it should appear soon.