Juliet’s blog – Ring a roses knitting

Juliet Bernard of The Knitter experiments with jewellery knitting thanks to some brand new needles.

I had such fun knitting a ring and having it cast in silver a while ago that I have been thinking about ways to improve my first attempt, which was really only to see if it was possible.

Juliet Bernard ring knitting

The ring fits my hands fine but is too long for most people so, if I want to sell some on Etsy then I really need to make my designs more wearable.

Do I want to see big chunky stitches or do I want to explore texture? The former means there will be very few rows of knitting and it will take more silver to cast.  The latter needs a fine yarn such as a laceweight but also very, very fine needles.  I am a bit clumsy and sometimes hold my needles far too tight – I am known for breaking fine wooden needles simply by looking at them.

KnitPro have come to my rescue with the launch in July of their new Karbonz range of needles. As you can see from this ring with a little lace rose, I have been knitting as fine as I can. 

The needles I used for this were 1mm – yes, that’s right, 1mm. They didn’t break and I even managed to knit this ring in the round. I have put a blocking pin next to it to give you an idea of scale.

I’m not entirely happy with the yarn, I think I may try Noro’s Sekku next. Nor am I convinced by lace although cables are probably worth a go.

Have any of you knitted on needles this small? If you have any tips for me I would love to hear from you.