Juliet's blog – Knit a Clanger!

Juliet Bernard of The Knitter gets excited about the possibility of knitting some old childhood friends.

If you remember the first man landing on the moon (what do mean, you don’t?!) you are probably the right age to remember the Clangers: Major Clanger, Mother, Grannie and Tiny Clanger, Soup Dragon and the Froglets.

Clangers and friends to knit

I loved their funny noises and the wonderful sets, designed and created by the wonderful Oliver Postgate who also gave us Pogles' WoodNoggin the Nog and Ivor the Engine.

Clangers book coverImagine how excited I was to discover that I can now knit my own Clanger as well as recreate their planet, the Iron Chicken and the music boat!

Published by Collins and BrownClangers: Make the Clangers and Their Planet with 15 Easy Step-by-step Projects (Knitting) is available now.

My DH has already asked for a Major Clanger!