Knitted high fashion high on the agenda

London Fashion Week runs from Friday 14 to Tuesday 18 September 2012, showcasing the best of British style. We’re hoping that knitwear will play a starring role on the catwalks once again, and if  Graduate Fashion Week is anything to go by, we’re in for a fabulous treat.

Military style by Freya Rabet

Two shows from Kingston University particularly caught our eye, with two very different themes. 

The first is Freya Rabet’s military inspired collection, comprising six jumpsuits in a range of textures and using a number of knitting techniques. In case you were wondering, for the design pictured here, Freya used sandwich trims to achieve a laddered effect on the yellow stripes, while cables provided the structure for the handknitted grey ones. Striking!

Fairy knitwear cr Lotte Willis, Kingston UniversityAt the other end of the scale is Lotte Willis’ collection, which drew inspiration from the infamous Cottingley Fairy photographs.

Looking back at the whirlwind of interest and speculation surrounding the sisters’ pictures, the burgeoning knitwear designer was charmed by the public’s willingness to believe in such a magical notion. “While it was originally the girls who let their imaginations run wild creating the faked photographs, I was more intrigued by how eager others were to accept them as real,” she said.

Sponsored by Swarovski Elements, Lotte’s collection sparkles with crystal-encrusted pockets, panels and footwear. A mixture of carefully selected yarns bring stripes and patchwork effects to the dresses, while sparkling ribbon is encased within the garment. 

“I’ve experimented with different weights of fabric – from the light, ruffled underskirts to the heavier knitwear that dominates the collection,” Lotte explains.  “The crystals complete the look, giving it that fairy-dust haze. It was so exciting to see it shimmering down the catwalk!”

We love how feisty Lotte’s fairy outfits look – reminding us of the Jim Henson fairies  in the 1986 Labyrinth film that were likely to bite if handled!