Sarah Hatton free knitting pattern download

Sarah Hatton ShrugWe just love an innovative bit of knitwear design, and when those creative skills are put to use in a bit of online marketing, the sky’s the limit!

Gorgeous knitwear designer Sarah Hatton came up with a doozy, with an online knitting competition to boost traffic, engender brand loyalty and celebrate knitting all at once.

The way it worked was that Sarah selected four people at random out of those who had signed up to her website, and then those individuals were invited to pick a number from one to four, each relating to a different subcategory within a category of either garment, yarn weight, fabric qualities or colour.

In this way they got to help Sarah co-design a brand new item for the website!

The lucky four co designers were Helen Lockhart from Scotland, Suzanne Lehner from Bavaria, Angela Lenihan from London and Emily Hill Rudder from Clayton North Carolina.

Sarah says. “I really enjoyed every aspect of the game and think I was lucky on several counts. The co designers that were selected were a pretty global bunch! It so lovely to know that worldwide there are so many of us with the same passion.”

Sarah Hatton shrug2The numbers they picked resulted in a simple garment in Dk weight in a blue colour and using lace.

Sarah interpreted these directions and came up with this gorgeous shrug design, which is now available as a free download.

To download the pattern, all you need to do is click on the image and sign in/register as a member and the pattern will become available.

“Although the whole process was random I was really lucky with the specifics that I ended up designing too as I thoroughly enjoy designing simple lace,” Sarah adds. “For something that came from a silly idea from me sat alone at my desk I think it couldn't have gone any better. The next job now is to think up some new knitting silliness!"

We can wait to see what she comes up with next.