The Knitter issue 43 errata

The Knitter cover 43For Tanis Gray's Imperial Cuffs pattern in The Knitter issue 43, some numbers were transposed in Rows 10, 12 and 14.  The corrected version is as follows: 

Row 10: P1, *P5, K3, Ptbl, K3,* P1.

Row 12: P1, *P5, K3, Ptbl, K3,* P1.

Row 14: P1, *P3, K3, Ptbl, K3,* P1.

Also, in the chart key, the symbol marked "K tbl" should be marked as "Ktbl on RS; Ptbl on WS".


We had some errors in the pattern for the Vloedgolf shawl by Marleen van der Vorst in The Knitter issue 43.

The instruction for repeating rows 13-16 should read as folls:

Row 13: (K1, yo) 3 times, K10+2=K12, yo, S2KP, yo, (K5, yo, S2KP, yo) to last 4 sts, K2, (yo, K1) twice.

Row 14: Add one rep after brackets as folls: K5, yo, K2tog, K1, SSK, yo (K3, yo, K2tog, K1, SSK, yo) 3 times, K to end.  Next row 14 rep will be worked 4 times, then 5 times etc

Row 15: (K1, yo) 3 times, K13+2=K15, yo, S2KP, yo, (K5, yo, S2KP, yo) to last 6 sts, K4, (yo, K1) twice.

Row 16: Knit

+ 2 means: each time you work Chart B, work a further 2 stitches in garter st before starting the lace pattern and one extra lace repeat.


There is also an errata in the chart for the Anniken Allis 'Diagonal Leaves' stole (subscriber-exclusive pattern).  
Right Chart 2
Row 83, Stitch 3 should have the symbol for "K2tog".


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