Your last chance to be part of the Woolsack Project!

Following months of wrangling with bureaucracy, the Woolsack Project has finally achieved its goal of enabling Olympic and Paralympic athletes to find out about the handknitted cushions, only to face one final challenge.

GB Rowers with Woolsack cushions

“As a result of the efforts of volunteers everywhere in publicising the project, particularly through social media and word of mouth contacts, Woolsack has succeeded in generating more demand than the current cushion tally!” says Sue Blacker, one of the Woolsack Project organisers. “Every cushion made so far is either with an athlete, on its way to an athlete or earmarked for an athlete.”

Maldives Olympians with Woolsack cushions & pennants

In a desperate bid to ensure that every athlete desiring a cushion can have one, the Woolsack gang are asking you to pick up your needles and knit as hard and fast as you can.

A large stash of donated British Wool yarn is available for the cost of postage, so with that, and a good supply of tea and biscuits, we’re sure it can be done!

Find full details on the Woolsack website.

Pic details: top of page GB Olympic rowers with Woolsack Cushions

Lower image: Maldives Olympians with Woolsack cushions and pennants