Fell running and speed knitting at Grasmere Sports Day

Blanket knittingFell running and speed knitting at Grasmere Sports Day
Juliet Bernard | Blogs | Team Blogs | 22/09/2011 09:00am No Comments
Grasmere Sports Day takes place each year in the Lake District town of, you guessed it, Grasmere. The lovely people at Herdy invited me to join them this year at their Woolympics to oversee the 100cm dash, a speed knitting event, to see who could knit 1m of yarn the fastest.

Knitting at Grasmere Sports & Show Day...

2011-08-herdy-woolympics-logo-small-150x150.jpgWhen you think of the Grasmere Sports & Show Day do you think of men wrestling in long johns?  Well, not this year.  The lovely people from Herdy have invited me to take part in their Woolympics at the show which takes place on Sunday 28 August.

I am busily designing some outfits for Herdy to wear while he takes part in his sports  and we will be teaching people to knit them on the day.