Knit hexipuffs for a charity challenge

Puff close up cr Stephanie DosenInspired by exquisite Beekeeper’s Quilt design by Stephanie Dosen of Tiny Owl Knits, Arthur Rank Hospice Charity and The Sheep Shop are calling for knitters to get involved in the Beekeeper Quilt Challenge.

The aim is to make a kingsize quilt out of ‘hexipuffs’ – little hexagon-shaped puffs of knitting, stuffed and sewn together in a honeycomb pattern. Sarah Clark, owner of The Sheep Shop in Cambridgeshire, says: “About 1,400 hexipuffs are needed for a kingsize quilt, so it will be a real community project to make this retro objet d’art!”

The Beekeeper's Quilt

The Beekeeper’s QuiltIf you’re online reading this, then chances are you look at knitting patterns on the web too. There are literally tens of thousands of designs on the internet. But where to start?

We decided to give you a little help in finding the best of the best. We'll be looking at a new pattern every Friday lunchtime. Just in time for you to cast on for the weekend.

OK, here goes!