Errata in Issue 69 The Knitter

Toftir (Faroe Family Style supplement from Navia)

The Neck Shaping section for this pattern is correct, though it turns out that the model had the sweater on back-to-front when it was photographed! We suggest that you do as follows if you would like the neck to look how it does in the photograph. When you reach 172 (192:204) sts, just before the neck section, you should then change to smaller needles, miss out the whole neck section, except the very final paragraph, then work the Neckband as printed (ignoring stitch count.)


Also the symbols for the charts are a little confusing, as the garment is worked in the round.  Please ignore all references to the WS in the Key.


Sugar Shell, page 46 

There is a correction to the Sugar Shell top in Issue 69.  

In the Lace pattern, Rows 6 and 8, "Sl 1, K1, psso" should be changed to "Sl 1, K2tog, psso".


Errata in The Knitter issue 67

We're sorry, there's an error in the chart for the Morus socks on page 34 of issue 67.  

Errata in The Knitter issue 64

Thanks to our eagle-eyed reader muninnhuginn on Ravelry, who spotted an error in the Reynard hat pattern in issue 64. 


"In order to have properly symmetrical muzzles on the second and fourth row of fox motifs, the leftmost squares in rows 10, 11, 28 and 29 of the chart need to be in yarn C (white) and not Yarn A as shown. The photo of the hat has these stitches in white."


Rowan Hyslop Hat


There is an in row 27, it should read as follows:
Row 27: *P1, P2tog, K6, P1, P2tog, K6, rep from * to last st, P1. 49 sts.


Errata in The Knitter issue 63



Camden by Jacqui Harding

On the body, there are only 2 buttonholes to be made, not 4 as the pattern indicates. So the instruction should read:

"AT THE SAME TIME, work buttonhole (see instructions under Stitch Patterns) at end of next row, then on the following 20th row."  


There is also an error with the chart.  Row 12 shouldn't be there, and the other row numbers above should be renamed accordingly.  Please click the link above to download a corrected chart.


Merry by Amanda Jones

The decreases on the colourwork sections were printed the wrong way around, skpo's should be worked as k2tog's and vice versa. (corrected below)


When decreasing for the yoke, there were a couple of errors in the the paragraph beginning "decrease as set on every 4th round..."  this should infact read:

Errata in The Knitter issue 61


We're sorry, but there is an erratum in the written instructions of the Windmill Shawl in Issue 61.  


The repeat in Rows 21 & 23 should read as foll:  *yo, s2kpo, yo, K13.


Rose Bramble

There were a couple of changes made at the checking stage of this pattern that weren't copied onto the final printed version.  They affect sizes 12 and 14 only. 

The pattern should read as follows:


Dec row 2: *K4, P2tog, P2 (3:5:5:6:7:8:9:10:11), K4, P4(4:4:6:7:8:9:10:11:12), K9, P19, K9, P4(4:4:6:7:8:9:10:11:12), K4, P2tog, P2 (3:5:5:6:7:8:9:10:11), K4, P2tog, P3 (3:4:5:5:6:6:7:7:8), K4, P2tog, P3 (3:4:5:5:6:6:7:7:8), K9, P19, K9, P2tog, P3 (3:4:5:5:6:6:7:7:8), K4, P2tog, P3 (3:4:5:5:6:6:7:7:8); rep from * to end.

256 (260:276:292:300:316:324:340:348:364) sts.

Errata Issue 60 The Knitter



The Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend Fino should be listed as 4ply, not DK weight.

Errata in The Knitter issue 59



Venetian Windows


On rows 3,  21, 23 and 25 of Chart A, and Row 3 on Chart B, there are too many decreases for the number of yarn overs.  You can download the amended chart above.


There were also some typographical errors in the chart symbol abbreviations printed in the magazine.

For T5F, it should say place next 3 sts on cn.

For T3L it should say P2 from left needle.



Fields of Gold Stole


After Round 54, there should be another 10 rounds of knit before working Round 55.


Flickering Flower


The stitch counts on the neckband are out, but the instructions are correct.  The stitch counts should read:

Errata in The Knitter issue 58

Sasha Kagan Hanami

For the Sasha Kagan Hanami cardigan pattern, the row tension given is incorrect. The correct row tension is 38 rows.



Magnolia Tee

The numbers given for the Actual Bust are incorrect. The correct numbers are:

79 (86.5, 94, 96.5, 101.5, 109, 116.5, 124) cm

31 (34, 37, 38, 40, 43, 46, 49) in.


Star Pattern

Row 3: K2 *K1, Sl1, K2, psso; rep to last 2 sts, K2.

Row 4: P2, *P1, yo, P2; rep to last 2 sts, P2.


Errata in The Knitter issue 57

Little Vine Matinee Jacket (from Issue 57 supplement)



Changes for the large size only:

Cast on 67 (81:89:101) sts

"First 3 sizes only" (after Row 10) should say "All sizes"

Row 11: * K1 (0:1:0), K5, skpo, K3; rep from
* to last st, K1.  61 (73:81:91) sts

Ignore instruction "4th size only"

Row 12 should read P11 (11:13:10), p2tog 7 [10:11:14] times, p 11 (11:11:15), p2tog 7 (10:11:14) times, p 11(11:13:10). 47 (53:59:63) sts.


Cast on 34 (41:45:51) sts
Sizes 1, 3 & 4 after Row 11 stitch count should be 31 (-:41:46) sts.
+++ Should be after Row 11, not row 12
Row 12: P4 (5:5:7), p2tog 8 (10:12:15) times, p11 (11:12:9).

Errata in The Knitter issue 56

We're sorry, there are some errors in the Cornice Shawl pattern in issue 56.


In the first column, where you read ‘Cont as set by Row 7 to 27 sts, the next row should begin ‘Row 10’, not

‘Row 12’. This has no material affect on the pattern, so we advise that you treat the 10th row as if it were the 12th row and continue from there as set.

The Row numbers also get confused later in the pattern and we suggest you work the pattern and ignore the row numbers, as this seems to be a typographical error.


Lattice Stitch Section - The pattern reads that you cont to inc 6 sts on every RS row, when in fact you inc 4. The stitch counts given are correct.